Big check presentation from Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon


Dalton, GA (WDEF) – Thousands of runners laced up their shoes for the 2015 Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon.
David Sanders serves as race director. He said, “We actually raised $45,000 in the race in 2015, and this puts us in at 5 years and close to $220,000.”
So that means Family Promise of Whitfield County and City of Refuge Dalton can help thousands of Dalton and Whitfield County residents.
Amy Kleem works as the director of Family Promise. She said, “This is huge for us. This a big part of our budget. We have been very thankful to be involved with this race for the past few years.”
Pamela Cudd is the director for City of Refuge. She echoed, “The needs are great and this really helps us to meet those needs, along with other supporters and other events we do, but this is huge for us.”
The two agencies split the races’ proceeds right down the middle.
Cudd said, “We really feel like we’re like sister agencies because we split the proceeds for this event 50/50 and it has been a wonderful working relationship, not to mention just a great partnership for us over the years.”
Kleem added, “It’s been a great experience. Such a wonderful day not just for us, but for the whole city of Dalton. It brings a lot of people out. So we’re so excited about it, not to mention the great financial support we get out of it.”
The two charities and their volunteers help make the race a reality. Not only day of, but for the months leading up to it. And this marked the fourth straight year these two charities have benefited.
Sanders explained, “I had been somewhat involved in both of the charities for a couple of years before, and knew that they were just great charities, and the money we raised would be put to really good use, and it would be used in our area, and that was very important to us.”
Kleem added, “So please come down and participate. We’d love to have you!”
If you’d like to help out with next year’s race, click here.
To learn more about City of Refuge Dalton click here, and Family Promise of Dalton here.

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