Trenton City Official Could get the Boot

Trenton, GA (WDEF) – One Trenton City Employee could be saying farewell to his position by the end of this week, after the city’s council held a closed meeting tonight to weigh their options about the difficult worker.

Council members won’t give much detail, like the employee’s name or even their job title. However, sources told News 12, the person in question is difficult to work with and has had several confrontations with fellow city employees, including a dangerous incident with a firearm.

"We had an executive session meeting to discuss a personnel matter," said Trenton City Street Commissioner, Monda Wooten, "Due to the legalities of the situation we cannot take any action at this time."

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Another meeting will be held Friday at 8 p.m. in the Trenton City Hall building, to make a final decision, but this time it will be open to the public.