Business owners react to new bike lanes on Broad Street downtown

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – One week in and they’re even not fully open yet, but entrepreneurs say the new Bike Lanes on Broad Street are major barriers to their businesses.
        The former four-lane road used to commit one lane to on-street parking with three lanes for vehicle traffic.
        But now one lane is reserved for bicycles.
        Cathy Ankar runs Ankar’s Downtown.  She said, "Where do your truck deliveries come? We get those daily, get the big massive eighteen wheeler trucks that have deliveries, they have to cross over the barrier, they’re blocking the . . . we’re now down to two lanes versus three lanes, and the um, you’re basically blocking, going down to one lane at that time when you have deliveries."
        Diane Cline owns the L.P. Cline Art Gallery. She added, "We’ve already seen, yesterday two people stumble as they got out of the passenger side, to come over that, and then come up onto the sidewalk."
        Business owners also worry street sweepers will not be able to clean the new bike lane area.

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