Results of the NTSB Investigation Into Ooltewah Crash May Take Months

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – The investigation into the fatal crash on I-75 a week ago will take months to complete.
An official from the National Transportation Safety Board reviewed the case at a news conference.
Various agencies are taking a close look at the wreck that killed 6 people.

PETER KOTOWSKI, NTSB, INVESTIGATOR IN CHARGE "We will issue a preliminary report in about 10 days…updating the information that we have to date….our final report typically is about 12 to 14 months for its completion."

The NTSB is working with the Chattanooga Police Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol to make sure every aspect of the horrific traffic crash is reviewed and sifted for clues to the cause. A preliminary report will be released in about 10 days.
But, there’s a lot of work still ahead.

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PETER KOTOWSKI, NTSB, INVESTIGATOR IN CHARGE "In this particular case, we sent a multi-disciplinary team consisting of 11 investigators. "

NTSB went to the Kentucky trucking company that employed 39-year old driver Benjamin Scott Brewer.
According to Kotowski the team found safety violations in the truck driven by Brewer, but none that are tied directly to the June 25 wreck. Six people including two children died when the truck crashed into 6 cars from the rear.
On Wednesday, Chattanooga police submitted a blood sample from the driver to TBI.

SGT. DAVID ALLEN, CPD, TRAFFIC "They don’t happen overnight and the TBI is trying their best to expedite it as quickly as possible but it is going to take a few weeks."

One interesting point made by federal investigators is that although Brewer was involved in a wreck in Wildwood Florida the day before the Chattanooga incident, he was not given the required blood test.
Brewer is also wanted on a misdemeanor charge of prescription abuse in Wisconsin.
He has not been charged in the Chattanooga wreck.

SGT. DAVID ALLEN, CHATTANOOGA POLICE DEPT. "The foremost thing we just ask for everybody’s patience. There’s a lot of information..a lot of data coming in."

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is also investigating the driver and his vehicle, seeking a cause for the crash.