Four Year Old Helps Save Grandfather’s Life

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Parents these days spend more time explaining to youngsters what to do in an emergency.
And, sometimes even toddlers become the "hero of the day".
Meet a 4-year old who surprised her family back on June 6th with how much she knew about dealing with an emergency.

ALIYNA COLLIER, FOUR YEARS OLD "I said grandpa what are you doing. I said that twice and he didn’t say anything.

If not for his four year old granddaughter Aliyna, Atlanta native William Tucker would not be alive today.
Tucker was babysitting Aliyna and her little brother in Chattanooga when a trip to the bathroom ended in stroke-like symptoms.

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He recalls falling between his commode and wall, thinking it to only be a misstep.

"I crawled out the bathroom and I get on to the couch and lift myself up, fall back over on my head and then I crawl out towards the kitchen. Little man comes. He thinks I’m on the ground trying to place horsey. So he climbs on my back trying to ride my back and I push him off so I guess at that point he realized granddaddy’s not playing."

Shortly therafter Aliyna recognized the emergency and called her mother using a cell phone.That’s when the mother alerted 911 services.

"She went downstairs and put him on the phone and I could tell that something wasn’t right, so I immediately left. I was like well she took the phone back from me. She was like come home right now we need you and I rushed home and as I was rushing home that’s when I called 9-1-1."

Paramedic Dee Johnson responded to the call and transported Tucker to Erlanger.


"It’s very rare for a four year old to be able to recognize something is wrong with a grandpparent or parent and I think we need to include more education in that."

Mr. Tucker says that doctors believe the incident was caused by a clogged blood vessel in his head.
He Was been treated and released from the hospital with a clean bill of health.

The presentation was made by Hamilton County EMS Director, Ken Wilkerson.