Update on Signal Mountain fatality

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tennessee(WDEF) – Signal Mountain authorities discovered the body of a 20-year old man reported missing since Thursday night.

The discovery happened sometime before 8 A.M.

Signal Mountain police entered Signal Point Park and found the body in trench.

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"His family reported him missing. They had been looking for him. Through use of use of technology in his cell phone, they located him through GPS and realized he was up in this area," said Signal Mountain Fire Chief Eric Mitchell.

Once they got a cell signal fix on his location, the family contacted police who came looking for him. But when officers arrived, the situation turned grim. Authorities say it appeared that he fell a great distance to his death.

"He was several hundred feet down on the trail. It’s not flat it’s actually down the terrain on the side of the mountain," Mitchell said.

WDEF spoke to Kathy Mims who lives lives right next door to the Signal Point Park entrance. She said this time of year can be very dangerous to venture out onto the park trail alone.

"The rocks are very jagged. There’s a lot of leaves and things that gather on the trail so you have to be awfully careful. I understand this might be ice related but a lot of times just the water and acorns falling out of the trees can make it easy to slip," Mims said.

The area in which the man was located is so remote that it took crews from several different agencies to recover his body.

Authorities have yet to publicly identify the victim.

An autopsy will determine the exact cause of death.