Providence Ministries Christmas Gathering


Providence Ministries held their annual Christmas Day event, providing worship services, hot meals, and toys for thousands of people.

"When they first come in we take them into the chapel, we fill it first. Then we move them into the dining area where they’ll have a meal. Then from there they go to the toy area," said Founder and Executive Director of Providence Ministries Roy Johnson.

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An estimated 6,000 toys were donated for the event.

Volunteers helped kids ages 12 and under select up to three toys to take home.

"It really brings out the joy in the children and gives them hope. They’re very greatful and thankful for everything they get," said volunteer Amairany Vidana.

Founder and Executive Director Roy Johnson says they’ve been planning for this event for months.

"A lot of thought and preparation has to go into an event of this size," said Johnson.

But, Johnson said the end result is worth all the work that goes into making the Christmas event happen.

"It’s just a pleasure to see them have something to look forward to," said Johnson.

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