Protesters target Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – Local protesters target a Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce meeting to protest police brutality.

Members of the Chattanooga Southside Chamber of Commerce were in the middle of meeting to discuss public development on the Southside of town when they began hearing chants from outside the meeting.

"Black Lives Matter" and "I can’t breathe," were the chants coming from members of the Chattanooga Concerned Citizens for Justice.

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Inside the meeting room, people wondered why the protest was brought to a chamber meeting.

"Because at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, there are people who are in a position of power; people who make decisions in our city," said Protester Jared Story.

One of those people with power attending the meeting was Chattanooga city councilman Chris Anderson.

"The Chamber of Commerce is an agency that the city of Chattanooga partially funds to help with economic development. They have nothing to to do with the Chattanooga police department and they certainly have nothing to do with police departments in other cities and other states," Anderson said.

Southside Chamber of Commerce President Peterson Hostetler walked outside and confronted the group. He even asked if they wanted to calmly make a comment inside during the public comment section of the meeting but he was ignored.

Several minutes after the meeting was disrupted, the protesters left the scene while chanting "black lives matter."