Dade County neighbors feud over dog shooting

DADE COUNTY, Georgia(WDEF) – A family is upset after a next door neighbor shot and killed the family dog.

It happened last Friday in the 400 block of District Line Road.

According to the Belue family, their 2-year old pit bull named Champ was shot eight times because he was on the next door neighbors property.

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"It went pop pop pop pop pop. About 15-times," Belue said.

While badly wounded, Champ managed to crawl under the his family shed.

"He was laying down with his face looking at me and he had blood coming out his mouth," said family member Betty Gass.

Minutes after Gass found Champ under the shed, she said he died.

"There were seven to eight shots in him; all the way from his head back to his back side," Gass said.

Dylon Floyd tells WDEF that he shot Champ because the dog and two other unidentified canines were attacking his cattle.

"They had the calf pinned down on the ground; biting his legs. So I grabbed my gun and took care the problem and got them off the calf," Floyd said.

Champ’s family said they don’t deny the fact that Champ was on Floyd’s property. But they claim Floyd was wrong for shooting Champ as he ran back home.

"He continued to shoot as the dog was running off of his property. The last shot that was shot was shot on my aunt’s property. You don’t have the right to shoot my animal on my property," said Belue’s daughter Lisa Anthony.

But Floyd denies that claim.

"No shots were ever in the direction of Mr. Belue’s house. All shots were fired towards the rear of my property in a safe direction," Floyd said.

Floyd told WDEF that Belue verbally threatened him after learning his dog died. The next day, two deputies showed up at Belue’s house after it was reported that he shot a gun in the direction of Floyd’s property. Belue was arrested after a reported verbal altercation with authorities.

Belue denied ever shooting at Floyd’s property.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing law enforcement.

WDEF asked Floyd if the situation could have been handled in a different way.

"I’m sorry about the loss of his pet. I know it was his pet and all but I’ve got to take care of that calf," Belue said.

It’s worth noting that Floyd is also employee of the Dade County Sheriff’s Office.