Mocs Coach Will Wade Hopes the Numbers Add Up For Another Good Season

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Mocs basketball coach Will Wade used to dream of being a math teacher.
While he chose a different profession, he still loves the numbers.
And this year, Wade hopes the Mocs basketball numbers add up to another solid season.
UTC finished second in the SoCon last year with a 12-4 league record.
    As Will Wade enters his second season, his goal is better efficiency, at least in practice.
"We’ve been trying to be short and sharp. Last year I tried to do too much. This year, I’ve narrowed it down. There are three things we are working on on offense. Three things we are working on on defense, and three things with the press. Then we’ve spent  a lot of time working on special teams."
   Wait a second, what’s special teams in basketball?
"Like I think it’s 35-percent of the game is out of a huddle or out of a something that you can control. So free throws, working on our free throw offense and our free throw defense. Working on jump balls."
    Coach knew exactly what percentage of plays come out of a huddle.
Imagine all the other numbers he crunches for a game.
"I’ve got spread sheets on all that stuff yeah. We’ve got a guy on staff who does all of our analytics and measures everything. I believe that which gets measured gets done."
    One number Wade hopes to see his team improve on is shooting percentage.
"I’ve committed three days a week to 25 minutes of pre-practice shooting. We hope to get 300 or 350 shots up. You compound that. That’s roughly 1,000 shots a week. We do that for four months, and you can compound the numbers. That’s a lot of shots."
    Chattanooga returns seven players from last year’s team, including point guard Greg Pryor.
"People are going to be pleasantly surprised with Greg Pryor our point guard. He has been phenomenal. Chuck Ester. I know I have talked about him some in the pre-season. He’s a sophomore. He’s a junior college transfer. He has got three years for us. He has been everything we could have hoped times ten."