Senate Runoff Looms in Georgia

DALTON, GA (WDEF-TV) – Tuesday’s election in Georgia may just be another step toward selecting the state’s two top officials.
The Libertarian candidate may force a runoff between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue in the senate race.
And, Jason Carter is running strong against Nathan Deal for the governor’s chair.

DR. KEN ELLINGER,DALTON STATE, POLITICAL SCIENCE PROF. "I don’t think there’s ever been a poll that showed either Nunn or Perdue or Carter or Deal above 50%."

Georgia poll watchers say they are surprised that Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter are running strong enough in their respective races that a runoff is even possible.
But if there’s a senate runoff, It won’t be held until January.

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DR. KEN ELLINGER, DALTON STATE, POLITICAL SCIENCE PROFESSOR "We’re the only state that has a general election runoff . Nobody else thinks this is a good idea."

If that happens in the senate race, the congress will be in session before Georgia’s choice arrives.
Michelle Nunn has struggled to catch up with David Perdue, a businessman who is running in his first political campaign. But Libertarian Amanda Swafford may act as spoiler by picking up a few points in the polls.

DR. JOHN GULLEDGE, PH.D, DALTON STATE "Where would Libertarian votes go in a runoff,do you think? Just a personal opinion..I think the Libertarian votes would tend to favor the conservative candidate."

DR. KEN ELLINGER "You know there are more low income and less educated people who are democrats..and the lower income, less educated voters are less likely to show up at the polls."

Ellinger says taking people to the polls would be the democrats biggest challenge.
If control of the Senate is not settled by Tuesday night, Georgia voters are in for another unpleasant surprise.

DR. JOHN GULLEDGE "If there is a runoff election ..there will be quite a bit of money spent here in the state in terms of campaign advertising dollars at that time."

DR. ELLINGER "If, heaven forbid…the control of the senate all came down to a Georgia general election election senate runoff…there might be a billion dollars spent here."

Although Jason Carter has run a strong race for Governor, the latest polls show Nathan Deal opening the gap in the last few days.
But a runoff there is still a possibility.