Anti-Circumcision Campaign Gets Chattanoogans Talking

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-If you were driving down Market Street in Chattanooga Thursday, you may have seen men and women in white jump suits with red paint holding banners campaigning for an end to circumcision.

Brother K, Blood Stained Men and Their Friends,"We are having a profound impact, I had a woman stop by just a few hours ago and she  had such a sad look on her face, gave her the information on baby circumcision and she said thank you so much for telling me, I had another woman drive by she told me her daughter said you were going to be here"

Jonathan Friedman, Blood Stained Men and Their Friends,"Its a severe trauma to do to an infant or to do to anybody and we really don’t know what these infants are feeling and they do feel pain, you know you are altering someone’s genitals"

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According to the CDC nearly half of all new born boys in the US are circumcised.

An experienced Chattanooga Pediatrician feels the health benefits of newborn circumcision slightly outweigh the risks involved but believes the decision making rests with the boy’s parents.

"If you are going to do it do in the newborn period, because it is much more traumatic for the child being done later on, we have to do it under anesthesia, we then have the risk of anesthesia, the complication rate is way higher when it is done later on, infection rate is higher"

He says there is no major harm in leaving your children uncircumcised as long as they wash regularly.

"How many people practice perfect hygiene? you have to put that factor in there, you can educate and by pass that problem"

Dr Naseer added medical journals show circumcision has played a role in combating the spread of HIV and Herpes in the developing world.

However Intact Tennessee’s Amanda Tyson say condoms combat STD’s not circumcision.

  Blood Stained Men will continue their crusade throughout Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida taking in 12 cities in the next 12 days.

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