Cleveland Police Department Investigating Possible Hostage Situation

CLEVELAND, TN, (WDEF)-Just after 3 AM Wednesday morning.Bradley County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at a home on Wildwood Lake road in Cleveland, looking for Megan Maxine Haire.

Evie West, Cleveland Police Dept,"Apparently they were knocking on the door, however at 3.54 later after that time they had attempted to serve warrants, we had a 911 call that there was a hostage situation going on"

The SWAT team, Criminal Investigation team members and hostage negotiators reached out to the homeowner for more than an hour and a half.

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Evie West, Cleveland Police Department,"Mr. Pickle, they were able to talk to him, he had stated that he had no knowledge of the fact that there was someone being held hostage in his house, so he went ahead and came outside."

Once he left the home, SWAT teams entered the house and found two women, one was the wanted woman Megan Haire and the other is a woman whom investigators believe could be a possible hostage suspect.

Neighbors say this is a quiet community and they are in complete shock and the man who lives in the home behind me would regularly wave hello while mowing his lawn

"Well the SWAT was just running across the yard and all of a sudden the door opened and they ran to the door because the guy came out and he had his hands up"

Haire was wanted on two misdemeanor charges and Cleveland Police tell News 12 she has been arrested more than 30 times connected to burglaries and drugs.