Chattanooga Area Scouts Celebrate 100th Anniversary

           For 100 years the Chattanooga area Boy Scouts, like their motto "Be Prepared" have been preparing boys for life.
           "100 Years, that alone is pretty incredible to be able to say, but the important thing about our 100th anniversary is that we have been teaching character and values, teaching kids that they need to give back to our local community," said Boy Scouts’ Field Director Natalie McMasters.
           "It teaches you to be a better person it helps you learn like how to treat others and how you would like to be treated. It also helps you with it just helps you having fun," added scout Riley Martin.
           Today’s celebration at the Chattanooga Market provided a snapshot of the many different activities that help mold future leaders of tomorrow.
          "There’s some first aid stations, some camping stations, we’ve even got a bike rodeo out here today, so we are having a lot of fun with some really cool activities and getting to participate in scouting," said McMasters.
           Even the youngest of scouts understand the lessons that come from these activities.
           "We get to go caving, which teaches you that you can’t just rely on yourself, you also need help from others, just like with camping," added Martin.
           And organizers hope the Boy Scout will continue to pave the way into manhood for the next 100 years.
           "We say that we are raising tomorrows leaders and we hope that tradition continues for the next 100 years."

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