Supermarket Guru For the Week of 9/22

I’m Phil Lempert with the New Product Hits & Misses.  Stay tuned to see which two products tied for Hit of The Week.

Up first, Rader Farms Fruit Plus Mixed Berries.
So this is a really interesting idea – take frozen blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and add ‘nutrients’ from a variety of other fruit concentrates plus shitake mushrooms, and what you get is supercharged vitamins and minerals. One example is vitamin C, the berries without these added nutrients measure just 32% of the RDA in nutrients, with the added nutrients – 250% or almost 8 times more. Great idea, but the taste of the berries themselves, to be honest, is rather bland. The strawberries are slightly sour, the blueberries just barely sweet and the blackberries with practically no flavor. Great idea, just needs a bit of work.  Retails for $7.99 for 21 oz.  Total Score is 80.

Applegate Half Time Turkey Breast & American Cheese.
Why does everyone who wants to capitalize on Oscar Meyers Lunchables ignore one major fact? The tray makes it easy, convenient and fun for kids. These Cryovac packages are neither easy to open nor present the food attractively. The turkey and cheese are very tasty and in just the right sizes. The yogurt and fruit snack are just what you would expect from those brands. The full meal is 310 calories, 11 grams of fat, 20 grams of sugars, 620 mg of sodium and 15 grams of protein.  Retails for $4.99 for 5.2 oz.  Total Score is 83.

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Savory Choice Pho Liquid Beef Broth is a Hit.
Now you can make pho in seconds, one pouch with 2 cups of hot water creates a very tasty, aromatic liquid broth for cooking or even just by itself. Add it to noodles, vegetables, fish or chicken and of course, beef. Two cups are just 25 calories, zero fat, 3 grams of sugars, but does have 810 mg of sodium. Surprisingly it’s not imported and is a product of USA.  Retails for $3.99 for 2.12 oz (4 pouches).  Total score is 89.

Dole Strawberry Dippers is A Hit of The Week.
Surprisingly good, these are just strawberries and dark chocolate. The chocolate flavor is exceptional, made with 67% cacao and the strawberries have a good strawberry taste. I like the fact that each pack is just 60 calories and has 4 halves of the strawberries, making it bite size …and more surface area for the chocolate. 4 grams of both fat and sugars. This is a good snack. Imported from the Philippines.  Retails for $3.49 for 7.38 oz (6 packs of 4 halves).  Total Score is 92.

Phin & Phebes Ice Cream Banana Whama is A Hit Of The Week.
I happen to love banana ice cream and this one is among the best. Made with banana puree and natural banana flavor it’s a nice clean taste. There are less vanilla wafer pieces than I expected but that’s a good thing. If this company from Brooklyn, New York keeps on producing flavors like this Ben & Jerry better watch out because Phin & Phebes are about to take over. As with all delicious desserts we have to pay a price – half a cup is 240 calories, 14 grams of fat and 23 grams of sugars.  Retails for $6.99 for 1 pint.  Total score is 92.