Four Killed in Murray County Crash

        18-year old River Sosebee’s Nissan Titan truck sits in a wrecker lot.
It was the truck carrying Sosebee and three of his friends Thursday evening on Old CCC Camp road, when Major Greg Fowler says he lost control.
        "It passed another vehicle at which time it entered into a curve once it hit the curve the vehicle lost control and overturned," said Fowler.
        17-year old Joshua Roberts and 18-year old Chelsie Hullander were found dead on the scene along with River Sosebee.
        The tragedy didn’t end there.
        The truck hit a man on his lawn mower just off the road, killing him.
        That man was 57 year old Bryan Bartley.
        Thomas Hamby knew Bartley and says he can’t believe his life was taken this way.
        "I was mowing the road a few minutes ago and like you said, you gotta look at other people.  And then you can’t run…you’re on a lawn mower," said Hamby.
        18-year old Alexis Pinson was the only survivor of the crash.
        She was lifelighted to Erlanger and is said to be in stable condition now.
        Pinson was Sosebee’s girlfriend according to their facebook pages.
        Sosebee, the driver and Pinson, the front passenger both were wearing seat belts.
        Roberts and Hullander were in the back seat and not wearing seat belts.
        "Murray County’s a tight knit community and the schools, most of the kids know each other from all the schools so it’s going to effect the community in a devastating way," Fowler said.
       School Officials say crisis counselors will be at the three high schools affected by the tragedy when the school year begins on Tuesday.
        Community members are planning a memorial on Sunday at 9:30 at City Park in Chatsworth.

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