From The Archives: Jumping Jeff Clay


The Kiwanis club of Fort Oglethorpe held a unique fundraiser today.. While jumping Jeff Clay was doing his thing the club was accepting donations for kids.

Club member says "getting them, several children, who are needy who get nothing for Christmas, or would not get anything for Christmas, we will take them down on a shopping trip sometime right before Christmas."

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It looks easy. You stretch, you jump, jump while pointing, while holding a Coke bottle, and the crowd is loving every minute of it.

Jeff says although this may be a little bit different, it is successful. And successful it was. Instead of an hour being needed to complete the task, it only took 38 minutes. Donations were plenty. Watch out for the competition. Club member: if I had a step ladder I could have gotten up there.

Club member says "if I had worn the right clothes I would have tried it, but since I didn’t, I’m not going to.’

One thing that this proves, is that determination pays off.

  "He made a decision that he could do this on his own a long time ago, and that’s what he is trying to say to people is that if you make up your mind to do something and you put the energy into it, you got it."

But what could possibly be next?

Jumping Jeff says "I can jump more than cars, I’ve jumped S 10 pickup trucks, I can jump minivans. I guess the next go would be a van. I don’t know if I’m going to try that or not, but it’s something to ponder."

In case you missed today’s mega vaulting, the Kiwanis is club is still accepting donations for the needy kids. Craig M news Center 12.