Walmart Issues “The Checkout Promise”

     Why can’t Walmart open up more checkout lines?
     We’ve all lived through scenes like this one… People lined up at just a handful of checkout lines.
     The old joke is that Walmart has just enough cashiers working to make sure there is a line.
     And this week, Donna Hughes even released a song about it on iTunes.
     Take a listen.

     Now the folks at Walmart say they are listening.
     And they have come out with "the checkout promise" for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

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Chief Merchandising Officer Duncan Mac Naughton says "Our customers told us they want to get out of the store quickly."
"So what do we do? We’re going to open more registers than ever before. Our customers who are shopping the most, we need to get them out of our stores faster. We call this ‘The Checkout Promise.  Every register open during the peak shopping hours at our supercenters and our division one stores.  I’m talking about the weekends between Black Friday and Christmas and the final days leading up to right before Christmas."