Supermarket Guru For the Week of 8/18


I’m Phil Lempert with this week’s New Product Hits & Misses.  Up first,

La Maison Signature Sauce Sherried Mushrooms.

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If you’re looking for a sweet, creamy sauce we found it. Sweet sherry wine, cream, orange marmalade with spices and crimini mushrooms has a perfect mouth feel and a perfect sweet flavor. I’d use this sparingly as the flavor is so intense that it may well overpower the food. For me a piece of bland chicken, tofu or even a white fish would be saved by this. A quarter cup is 100 calories, 6 grams of fat, 320 mg of sodium and 4 grams of sugars.


Holly Baking Butter Cookies French Butter.

I like butter cookies that melt in your mouth, but these don’t! The consistency of these is a little crunchier and while I do taste the butter I taste more of the sugar and vanilla. Each cookie is 65 calories, 3 1/2 grams of fat and 3 grams of sugars. Looking for indulgence? Not in this box.


Demitri’s Margarita Mix 38 Calories is a hit.

If you’re looking to make a lower calorie margarita that has a genuine taste check this out. Basically lime juice, cane sugar and stevia. 3 ounces is just 38 calories. The flavor is a little too sweet for my taste, but still good. Their recommendation is 3 parts mix to 1 part tequila, start out that way, but if you want to be true to a Mexican margarita do 2 parts tequila, 1 part mix and 1 part Cointreau. Contains 17% juice.


Olivia’s Croutons Butter & Garlic.

I have to admit that I’m not a big crouton person – occasionally on a salad and occasionally in soup, but these croutons change all that. Typically croutons are too salty or too hard or too greasy. Not these. The flavor and high quality ingredients make all the difference. My one complaint is that the croutons are just a little too large, but I will live with that since there are no added sugars, preservatives, colors or flavors. Each crouton is about 8 calories and less than half a gram of fat.


Torani Sweet Heat Syrup is the hit of the week.

This San Francisco based company has been making its quality syrups for almost 90 years. Their newest one, Sweet Heat is a bit of a surprise. If you like hot go out and buy this. Just add half to one ounce of this syrup to soda, coffee, cocktails, anything. Made with the Indian ghost pepper Bhut Jalokia with a Scoville rating of 1 million units – that’s 3 times as hot as a habanero. I added one ounce to lemon lime soda, took a whiff – the heat of the aroma almost painful. One sip and one of the hottest drinks ever. Use carefully! Won’t change the taste, just adds heat and a little sweet. One ounce – 80 calories and 19 grams of sugars.