Track 29 Gets Noise Complaints From Neighbors

       The music is always loud at Track 29. That’s the way bands and their fans want it to be, but for some living around the venue, they say it gets a little out of hand.
      "It is usually worse for the people that are a little bit closer, some of the condos and some of the houses across the street but we’ve had problems with our windows shaking," says Sam Duke, who lives near the venue.
      According to the city ordinance, If noise outside a home is louder than 50 decibels, it is considered a violation and a $50 fine.
      "Just living downtown I’ve gotten used to a lot of noise in general, but I totally understand if my neighbors think it is too loud and keeps them up late," said Sarah Thomas.
      To put it in perspective, 50 decibels is the average noise for a quiet street, 80 is the equivalent of an automobile from 25 feet away and 90 is a motorcycle from 30 feet away.
      "We also have a railroad track right behind us and a lot of noise is made just from that as well," said Thomas.
      Chattanooga City Councilman Moses Freeman says finding a balance is difficult.
     "We will have to look at continuous noise that goes on for an extended period of time, noise that emanates during the day, noise that emanates from indoor facilities versus outdoor facilities."
     A balance residents around the venue hope is struck soon.
     "I think there’s more soundproofing that Track 29 could do and then to see how that would make a change in the noise," said Thomas
     "We love the music, we love the neighborhood, but I think there are other things in other communities they have done, sound walls, what have you," added Duke.
    We spoke with the management at Track 29.  They declined to comment on the situation at this time.