Megan Wise Goes Outside: Whitewater Rafting


When we left you last, we had just finished taking a tour of the canopy with Wildwater at the Ocoee, as was suggested by our partners at Outdoor Chattanooga.

Now, it was time to go rafting, but first we decided to take a quick break at Wildwater Willies, a restaurant located inside Wildwater Rafting’s Ocoee headquarters.

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Christian "Well, I can smell the food."

Megan "Jan recommended the chicken wrap, and I tell you what, it’s really good."

Once we were rested up, we headed down to attend a rafting training session, where Shawn and I were models of the perfect pupil.

Now it was time for the crew and I to gear up and head to the bus and travel to the spot where we’d start our rafting adventure.

I expected to get wet, but what I didn’t expect was for Shawn Lanier to have such a hard time adjusting to his environment.

Megan: "Shawn screamed like a girl!"

Shawn: "I told you guys, me and water, we do not mix."

There were moments when we drifted slowly down the river and simply took in the beauty of the Ocoee river…

…and there were times when I could see nothing but the water that was hitting my face.

Jacob: "Am I recording?"

Megan: "I don’t know! I can’t look!"

It was a 5 mile stretch of current that could turn strangers into friends in under 2 hours, and by the end of it I had laughed so hard for so long I felt as if I’d just had an ab workout.

Christian: "Oh no! Oh my god, why?"

The water, was refreshing, the scenery was beautiful, and the wildwater crew were some of the nicest people we’ve come across in this series.

All in all, I believe rafting with friends and family could be one of the most perfect ways to spend one of your dog days of summer.