Man Says Police Wrongly Raided His Home

    Gregory Besley came home on Tuesday to find he could no longer live there.
     It all started when police raided his home.
      "They pulled up and jumped out of vans and cars, all kind of city inspectors was out here. Chattanooga police was ransacking the house and pretty much destroying everything," said Besley.
     To make things worse, the city then condemned the duplex when they found loose wires hanging from the ceiling of his neighbors unit, putting all of the residents out of their home.
      "No notice at all, they never sent no mail no anything just all of a sudden everybody showed up here at one time."
     The search warrant stated they were looking for Michael Sanders on suspicion of selling crack cocaine.
   But Sanders said he has no association with the residence.
      "I haven’t lived out here since ’08," Sanders said,  "got married and moved out so I haven’t been here in six years.  So I have nothing to do with this duplex.  And I’m trying to figure out how do I come up on a search warrant for this duplex."
     When Sanders contacted the police department about the warrant. He says they told him he could disregard it.
     No arrests were made and no drugs were found during the raid, so Sanders and Beasley want to know how this whole mix up happened.
       "Only thing I want is how do I clear my name..because this can come back and affect me.  I’ve been on my job 21 years and I’m not trying to lose my job just because somebody made a mistake," said Sanders.
     The only thing Besley can think of is that some men were arrested for selling crack in the alleyway behind his home a few weeks ago, but he says he has nothing to do with them.
     Now he just wants back into his house.
      "Some one could have told us to be looking for this and we could’ve been looking for somewhere to go and it’s just not fair," said Besley.
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