City Workers Want Bigger Pay Raise

Single father of two Robert Hart says it’s time for city workers like himself to get the raises they deserve.
The 2014/2015 budget proposes a 1.5% raise for them, but Hart says that’s not enough.
Several workers say the low percentage based raises don’t make much of a difference in their salary.
They want the city to come up with a more effective way to give them raises that will put more money in their pockets.
"The raises have always been a percentage of a current salary.  When you do that year after year…you widen the gap and pay dispairaty between the top and low income earners.. So Id like to see some kind of corrective measure to bring those salaries closer together next year," said Councilman Chris Anderson.
Anderson says he hopes they can make those changes in the next budget year…but it’s too late to make any major changes to this budget..
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