Mistrial Declared in Kaylon Bailey Case

In the middle of jury deliberations, Judge Rebecca Stern announced they have a serious problem on their hands.

Judge Stern adds, "The floor person said something about doing some research on the case."

A male juror admits he used an iPad to look up murder suspect, Kaylon Bailey’s, criminal history.

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He then shared it with others.

Bailey is accused of ambushing Kima Evans in a vehicle, shooting him, and then taking off on foot.

As Bailey eagerly awaited his fate, Judge Stern addressed the courtroom.

According to Judge Stern, "I’m going to have to declare a mistrial in this case."

You could see Bailey in the courtroom shaking his head.

Judge Stern adds, "I stressed to you over and over and over again, I stressed to you the importance of no outside communication, don’t do any research, don’t go on the internet because to be a fair trial, you have to try the case on the facts present before you and nothing else."

Bailey’s new trial is set for October 8th.

A disappointed Judge Stern shared a few more words before she dismissed the jurors.

She adds, "It’s very important in our system for somebody to get a fair trial. If you were on trial, you would not want someone bringing up something you did in the past that had nothing to do with what you were on trial for, that is not fair."

Attorney’s on both sides declined to comment on the case.

Bailey is still in jail on a $775,000 dollar bond.