Students Respond to the Safe Zone Found In Jennifer Mitts Class

Jennifer Mitts used to hear about how she’s a born teacher.  So, when the magazine editor grew tired of the corporate world, she discovered her skills translated easily into the classroom.  "I’ve done technical writing, I’ve done advertising type writing, I’ve done a lot of white papers, which is kind of like what the kids are doing now with their research papers."

Mitts has a caring nature that couldn’t be conveyed through the black and white text of a magazine article.  13 years into her second career, this English and Theater teacher knows how to brighten up students having a bad day.  "There’s definitely a hug for that and if that doesn’t work I might run and get them a treat real fast, or just really be there for them."

DeMarqus Clark always comes to class with a smile, because he knows he’s entering a safe zone.  "You can talk to her about your personal life as well as your life in school."

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Clark’s not alone.  He’s seen students walk-in upset and within five minutes of talking with Mitts, their mood changes.  Miranda Lee says "you have so much respect for her because of how good she can be to you, she’s like a friend that you trust but also admire because of her teaching skills."

Mitts believes she knows the secret to her success.  She says kids just want to be heard.  Her willingness to always listen also means students feel comfortable asking for help, academically.  Savannah Hodges says "she can stay after school and take time out of her day to help you understand something."  Robert Perry says "Ms. Mitts walks you through it.  She guides you.  She explains it more than other teachers."

Mitts says because of the connection she shares with her students… they known when its ok to joke around — and be serious and buckle down.

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