WDEF News 12 & Bi-Lo recognize 2009-2010 Golden Apple Teacher of the Year

This year WDEF News 12 & Bi-Lo have had the pleasure of going out in our local schools and recognizing the best educators out there.

Our Golden Apple Awards Program was Thursday evening.

WDEF News 12 introduces you to our finalists and this year’s Golden Apple Teacher of the Year.

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WDEF News 12 and Bi-Lo proudly recognizes 30 Tennessee Valley Teachers who are the Best of the Best… They are our Golden Apple Teachers, and they’re changing lives for the better.

Phil Jones is a Golden Apple Finalist, "Being in the classroom can sometimes be frustrating. But when you feel you’re having an impact, there’s few things like that on earth."

From teaching children to love learning…

Golden Apple Finalist Meg Scott says, "I just hope I’ve instilled the love of reading in the children and that they become life long readers."

To giving a pat on the back.

Brandon Larson is a Golden Apple Finalist, "Giving them that ‘ah-ha’ moment that gets them through those difficult times that are already hard, and being able to connect with a kid and plant a seed I think is the most powerful and humbling experience anyone can have."

Our teachers are in the classroom nine months of the year.

It’s sometime a thankless job, but these teachers would do it all again.

Golden Apple Finalist Elaine Hutcheson says, "Thank you for honoring me for doing a job that I love."

This year’s Golden Apple Finalists are Elaine Hutcheson of Ooltewah Middle School, Phil Jones of Heritage Middle School, Brandon Larson of Rossville Middle School, and Meg Scott of Hickory Valley Christian.

The 2009-2010 Golden Apple Teacher of the Year is Erin Schroeder from Brainerd High School.

Schroeder says, "It’s not just in when the bell rings and out again, it’s truly the time you put in with the students and everything else outside. Every teacher knows that. It’s a passion, not just a job."

To all our Golden Apple Winners and for all amazing teachers out there, "Thank you!"