Christie Covert of Signal Mountain Middle High wins Golden Apple Award

Most of us have a special teacher who made school fun…

But we don’t all have our very own Mary Poppins.

At Signal Mountain Middle High School one students says that’s exactly what they’ve got.

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Christie Covert is this weeks Golden Apple Award Winner.

Christie Covert’s 6th graders sing, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…"

It isn’t your standard Language Arts class but for Covert and her group of 6th graders this sort of fun learning style just happens.

After all, Covert says, it runs in the family, "My grandfather was a teacher, my mother as well. So just naturally…"

The 16 year veteran teacher has been at Signal Mountain Middle for 4 years.

She forms a special bond with the kids in her class, "Families that have come in and taken care of me and now I see their children and I see them out in the community, so a family over those many years."

Covert gets these kids during their first year at the Middle High School.

For her it’s more of a mentorship than just a teaching job…and at least one student agrees…

Seventh grader Emily Thornton reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "Ms. Covert is more like a teacher who is a friend. She is our very own Mary Poppins."

Seventh grader Emily Thornton had Ms. Covert last year.

She says the high energy, no-nonsense atmosphere made learning a breeze, "When we went to her class everybody was themselves and we had fun."

Emily says Ms. Covert made the 6th graders feel less intimidated by the large student body, instead she made them feel like an integral part of Signal Mountain Middle High.

Ms. Covert wants all her students to feel that same family bond.

Last year her students supported her through personal tragedy and she says she just returned the favor, "I have all these babies that I have to take care of during the day and they actually last year took care of me."