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CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – In his second term, President Ronald Reagan had two very good reasons to visit Chattanooga.

His chief of staff, Howard Baker, went to high school here at McCallie.

And his Labor Secretary, Bill Brock, was from Chattanooga.

So he came to town to address high school seniors who were about to graduate at the UTC Arena.

But education wasn’t the only topic. The bombing of the U.S.S Stark and the Iran Contra Hearings were also the hot topics of the day.

We have three stories from that trip.

Reporter Mike Andrews covers the President’s arrival and departure at the airport.

Cater Lee reports on the speech at the Roundhouse to students and teachers.

And Lauren Theiry covers the pro and anti President demonstrations. (Caution: there is a homophobic slur in this story shouted from the crowd)

President Reagan and his team took a little bit of Chattanooga back with them on Air Force One.

Howard Baker had often extolled the virtue of Krystal hamburgers.

So they got some bags delivered for the flight back to the White House.

Tom Griscom tells the story from his days working in the administration.

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