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JACKSON, Georgia (WDEF) Murray County’s J. W. Ledford, Jr. will be executed tonight at 7PM at a state prison in Jackson, Georgia.

Ledford killed his Chatsworth neighbor, 73 year old Dr. Harry Johnston, in 1992.

He stabbed him, hid the body, then stole guns from his home while holding Dr. Johnson’s wife at knife-point.

This afternoon at 4PM, prison officials will serve Ledford a last meal.

He ordered filet mignon wrapped in bacon with pepper jack cheese, large french fries, 10 chicken tenders with sauce, a fried pork chop, a bloomin onion, pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, sherbert and Sprite.

The Tennga native will be given a lethal injection, despite his request for a firing squad.

Georgia law mandates lethal injection.

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  • Megan Lowry

    Ledford is a poor white trash bumpkin who slaughtered his hapless and elderly victim, then whined “self defense.” It is simply unbelievable. The sole injustice in today’s events is the delay: Ledford should have faced execution twenty five years ago.

    • Keyboard_Bully

      Hope they actually go through with it.

    • Tina W.

      You don’t know him or the whole story. So don’t run your mouth. He was a man that was protecting his family I dont have to explain that to you. I will pray for you as I pray for his family daily..

      • McKenzie Johnston

        The execution was carried out. More importantly he showed no remorse for his actions and justice was truly served. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but until you are in my family’s position your opinion is irrelevant. You do not understand what it really means or how it feels. I wouldn’t wish this burden on anyone.

        • ImOpining

          Sorry for your loss and for all that you endured these decades.

      • ImOpining

        Tina, who was he protecting his family from? A feeble elderly man? I’m all for the death penalty, some people are evil and we don’t have the space or the money to house them for life. However in this case, with no priors instances of criminal tendancies, etc. he may have been mentally unbalanced so I couldn’t have given him the DP. Just my opinion.

  • Timothy Mellen

    What he did was wrong but isn’t the state doing the same thing murder is murder

    • Theresa Dawn Bowman

      You sir are so right, yes what he did was wrong but at the same time the state of Georgia is no better for allowing an execution to go on, life without parole yes but like u said murder is murder….. Two wrongs does not make a right…. My deepest sympathy goes out to all family and friends close to J. W Boy Ledford and the doctor as well, prayers for everyone!!!

      • David Conwell

        Some cases dont qualify for capitol punishment. But this one does. Not only did he almost decapitate the Doctor but the doctor was the one that delivered this man at birth

    • Anadolu Kartali

      I wonder if a member of your family was murdered by this scum, would you still be so “forgining and caring”? and let the scum live? State does not murder. it carries out the law agreed by the legislature… there is a big difference, state does not go and kill people for money, or any other stupid reason. all you so called christians, read your bible before making moronic comments. you take a life ,so you shall pay it with your own..that simple

    • Parrothead

      Yes. The cause of death of executed people is listed as “murder” on their death certificates.

  • kevin

    Last meal is BS.

    • Sheila Mallett Manis

      He ate much better than I did tonight!

  • Maureen Rico

    Lethal injection is tooooooo humane for a monster of this caliber. I say this because I have had to put my dog and cat to sleep with and injection. 30 seconds they are gone. This pos need to be electrocuted

  • David Conwell

    He has about 20 minutes left

    • Sheila Mallett Manis

      did they do it?

      • Deana Williams

        Did go through wit it?

        • Deana Williams

          With I meant

        • ImOpining

          Yes they did.

  • ImOpining

    This last meal deal needs to go. They are being rewarded for murder with fine dining on our tax dollars. Need to get a petition going in the states that have the DP.