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A Chattanooga company says it will expand its operation and add 200 more jobs if the county commission will help.
HomeServe USA is asking for a Payment in Lieu of Payment agreement with the county, and the city of Chattanooga.

HomeServe USA wants to invest 5 and a half million dollars to build a new home for its customer service operation on Lee highway.
That would mean 200 new jobs in the next 4 to 5 years.
Robert Judson, the senior Vice president of control center operations made his appeal before the commission, like he did at the Chattanooga city council Tuesday. He’s asking for a 174-thousand dollar tax break for a 5 year period.
The Chattanooga area Chamber of Commerce is firmly behind that idea.

CHARLES WOOD, CHATTANOOGA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ” When we have companies that are already here that continue to grow and continue to invest in the community, that’s a testament to the business environment here, but also the view of companies, that companies have of our community, and of Chattanooga and Hamilton County.”

Mayor Jim Coppinger told the commission that a lot of work went into keeping HomeServe in this community.

MAYOR COPPINGER, HAMILTON CO.  “They are exactly the kind of company you want to come here and uh, and grow their company. They have, and its extremely competitive, as Charles pointed out. I mean, these companies have other options and places they can go, and that’s why they’re here to ask for incentives.”

ROBERT JUDSON, SR. V.P. HOMESERVE USA  ” We really enjoy working in Chattanooga. We’ve seen massive expansion. We started with 35 employees that’s now up to just over 300, and we want to continue to grow.”

Both the county commission and the city council have tightened the restrictions for PILOT programs in the last few months.
Some companies have continued with plans to locate in Hamilton county, or to expand their operations without an incentive.

HomeServe says the production workers to be hired would be paid 17-dollars an hour.
The Commission is expected to vote on that PILOT agreement at next week’s session.

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  • Kevin Gainer

    An advertisement that HomeServe is using here in Ohio fraudulently misrepresents the risk of waterline failures. The ad contains other notable deception. After receiving HomeServe’s illegal solicitation I filed a complaint against HomeServe with the Ohio Attorney General’s office and that complaint has been pending since April 6th. Plug in “HomeServe scam” or “HomeServe fraud” on the Internet and you will see an avalanche of adverse, derogatory entries complaining about HomeServe’s operation both here AND abroad in England, too, where the company was assessed a RECORD fine for a litany of violations. And, yet, in Tennessee, “government officials” now want to give away public tax dollars to help this disreputable company. This tax giveaway is just another instance of government acting as a wholly owned subdsidiary of a for profit business, in this case HomeServe.