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CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Fire Department recently graduated their largest cadet academy ever, which means even more subjects for their annual fire videos.

This year’s crop ranges from humor to instructional to inspirational.

But more than anything, it is your chance to live the life of a new firefighter.

Bruce Garner, who produced the videos, describes each one.


First Video Released from Fire Academy 2017
This is the introduction piece for Fire Academy 2017. We shot lots of video showing different aspects of the training. This is just to get you started. The principal editing was performed by Sophia Efiom, a recent graduate from UTC. Her brother Alexander was one of the graduates from this academy. Many thanks to Training Chief Phil Hyman and the whole training staff for being such good sports in the production of this video.

Fire Academy 2017 Academy Video – Part 2
This segment featured the “Hot Bottle Change-out” contest, which showed the recruits how to swap out air bottles in a hostile environment, with hot, toxic air deadly to breathe and low to zero visibility. The rest is explained in the credits at the end of the video.
This contest was conducted with live entertainment! Great bluegrass music was provided by three talented Chattanooga firefighters. Many thanks to Captain Randy Steele on the banjo, Captain Eric Bruce on the bass and Firefighter Engineer Cody Wallin on the guitar. Together, they played “Dueling Banjos” while the contest was going on.
You can hear more of Randy Steele individually, or with his band, Slim Pickins Bluegrass, on most popular music platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.
You can hear more of Eric Bruce’s music with his band Barefoot Nellie & Co., also available on sites such as iTunes. Share if you like it! Randy Steele Eric Bruce Slim Pickins Bluegrass Barefoot Nellie & Co.

Fire Academy 2017 Video – The Sound of Silence
What is it like inside a burning home? Well, nothing like what you see on TV and in the movies. (See images from thermal imaging camera in the video!)
The purpose of this video was to give you some idea of what firefighters see when they go into a burning structure. Often, they can’t see much at all. Not just anyone can do this job! If you like it, share it!

Fire Academy 2017 Video – Fire in the Hole!
Sometimes in a house fire, it’s very dark inside because of the smoke. (See “Sound of Silence” video.) Other times, it’s full of fire. This video shows the fire! Tip: It’s better on a bigger screen. Enjoy. If you like it, share it! B.G.

Fire Academy 2017 Video – Onward and Upward!
This video features big flames, with cool aerial drone photography provided by Captain Teri Vogt-Rose and Eyo Efiom. It also shows the recruits – now graduates – climbing the 109-foot aerial.

Fire Academy 2017 Video – Heroes
In this video, we get a better look at the recruits as they approached graduation day on April 13, 2017.

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