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ATLANTA (WDEF) You’ve got to wonder just how safe the interstates are around Alanta these days.

First, there was the fire and collapse on I 285.

This morning, a chemical truck wreck brought hazmat and a major traffic jam to I 85.

Now we have a new mystery buckle in the highway.

Was it a ruptured gas line or water line?

One tweet claims it happened after a motorcycle hit it!

Whatever the cause, the pavement buckled on WB I-2 at the Gresham Road exit.

Ja’lynn Xhena

😨 I’ve never seen anything like this! This is on I-20 near Flat Shoals Rd. https://t.co/m4fNYNpqT0

Will Sansbury
#ATL is getting weird. This is on I-20 near Flat Shoals. Asphalt just burst up.

Earlier this morning, an accident forced a tanker truck to overturn.

And a toxic chemical spilled out onto the Downtown Connector.

It shut down the vital interstate for hours, and caused several school delays as a result.

But there appear to be no lasting affects.

Of course, crews are still working on the I 85 collapse.

The goal now is to repair the highway by Mid-May.

Ga Dept. of Safety

But you can’t blame Atlanta area motorists who may be thinking they are driving on cursed highways.

George Pearson

Well Atlanta has REALLY pissed off the traffic gods. Now this on I-20 west bound before Flat Shoals

Can’t make this ish up!

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  • JanetonLkt

    What a poorly written article with lots of errors! (1) There was no “fire and collapse on I 285; it was on I 85. (2) There is no I-2 in Atlanta; it should say I 20. (3) It’s grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with “and” or “but.” Please, please have someone review your articles before posting them.