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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Over 100,000 plastic eggs were sprawled across Coolidge Park lawn in downtown Chattanooga on Sunday morning.

Nick Saynes is coordinates the event. He says, “Here we did an egg hunt; nine o’clock this morning. They’re actually about to begin our service here at ten. Following after our service is going to be baptism up here by the pavilion.”

The popular event is free to the public and is in it’s 9th year.

Saynes says the annual event is important for the community as it brings people out and to relax as a family.

Saynes also says, “It’s beautiful weather. I encourage everyone to come out here and bring your sunscreen; bring your picnic chairs, blankets and even after the service, we’re asking people to stay; eat lunch here.”

Oliver Preyss is from Germany and brought his family to an egg hunt.

He says they had a great time experiencing American culture.

Preyss says back home, festivities are more intimate.

They use real eggs and hide them in Germany.

“It’s cool. It’s awesome. It’s big. It’s much bigger than what we have in German. It’s good to see,” says Preyss.

Demonte Bolden, a single father from Chattanooga, says he’s excited to show his daughter around town.

Bolden says, “I’m a single father and I brought my daughter out here to enjoy the experience and basically to get away and try something different.”

The annual event draws up to 10,000 people.

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