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NASHVILLE (WDEF) – 30 days after the disappearance of 15 year old Elizabeth Thomas, WTVF TV reports new details on the investigation into ex-teacher Tad Cummins.

District Attorney Brent Cooper says Cummins left behind a note to his wife that investigators believe was meant to slow down the search for him.

He is not revealing the contents of the note.

Investigators believe his appearance at a Walmart in Oklahoma was also part of the deception.

He and Elizabeth were spotted on so many cameras there, Cummins may have counted on them to divert police.

The TBI believe the pair could be anywhere now, even Mexico.

They say Cummins is on blood pressure medication, so he may resurface at some point to get a new supply.

If you have any information on Cummins or Thomas, call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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  • He was looking at the hair dyes to change her appearance, pretty obvious! Also, the city was just a stop from TN heading west toward Amarillo/Lubbock where they can co-lease someone’s trailer or something.