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CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – No arrest, no recovery and precious few tips on the disappearance of 15 year old Elizabeth Thomas.

She was last seen Monday morning at a Shoney’s in Columbia, Tennessee on her way to school.

Authorities believe she is in the custody of 50 year old Tad Cummins.

A warrant has been issued for him for Sexual Contact with a Minor.

Cummins was a teacher at Elizabeth’s school.

And authorities now say there was an alleged sexual interaction between them.

The school suspended him when the charges surfaced and then fired him on Tuesday.

They believe he is armed with two handguns.

He is driving a silver Nissan Rogue with Tennessee tag 976-ZPT.

The TBI has released video of Cummins gassing up just before Elizabeth Thomas disappeared on Monday.

Amber Alerts have been issued in Tennessee and Alabama.

Investigators say they can place Thomas in Decatur, Alabama on Monday afternoon, after Elizabeth disappeared.

Neither have any known connections there.

But there have been no sightings since then.

Investigators have found Cummins took out a $4,500 loan days before the disappearance.

If you have information on Thomas or Cummins, call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND. If you spot the vehicle and can verify the license plate to be TN 976-ZPT, call 911.

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  • cigarman69

    There’s and old saying out there that goes “a screwing you’ll get, for the screwing you got” When they catch him…..and they will….he’ll be gone for a long, long time!

  • Daddy

    If it turns out he is a liberal and a crooked Hillary supporter, he will be glorified as a left wing hero. The law does not apply to loons. Illegal aliens invade our nation. So illegal sex must be perfectly fine .

    • flarican pog

      You are a moron….

    • gemax

      He must of read trump`s book,The Art of Pedophilia

    • austin texas

      Isn’t it illegal to be so stupid? If it was you’d spend your life in prison. Idiot.

    • techie

      He’s a white, 50 year old, churchgoing family man from the town where the Sons of Confederate Veterans have their headquarters. He’s probably one of yours.

  • Luek

    RUN TAD RUN! Now if the genders were turned around and a 15 yo boy ran off with a hot female teacher everyone (many losers anyway) would be saying, “Where were all these hot teachers when I was in school duh?” Many would simply be laughing about it and no real harm done.

    • CinciLife

      As long as he didn’t kidnap her, then I agree. But if he did, he should be shot on site.

  • MPA200

    Sounds like it was consensual, so why the fuss?

    • Kopman

      At 15 years of age she is still a minor and under the care and protection of her parents. She could have any number of psychological or developmental problems. Any man who would bypass parents (first) and sexually pursue a minor illegally (second) is a dangerous predator who is only concerned with what he wants and NOT what is best for the girl. Also the fact that he went on the run shows his mental state is not healthy. I would wager if you had a daughter or younger sister on the run with this man you would see it differently… unless you too are sick and depraved.

      • MPA200

        Okay so beneath the fluff, you are just on here to stand on your highchair. Got it.

      • flarican pog

        Don’t argue with the weirdo… it’s a waste of energy…

  • Pamela Tolon Suarez

    What a freakin perv