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Even if you just know three chords, you’ll want to spend all day at the Songbirds Guitar Museum at the Chattanooga Choo Choo campus.
And you’ll probably wonder…why here?

DAVID DAVIDSON, CURATOR, SONGBIRD MUSEUM says “We visited all the area hotspots. We went to New York, we went to L.A., we went to Seattle, we went to Nashville, we went to Austin. One of the great things about Chattanooga is they really welcomed us with open arms..they gave us a chance to shine as a museum down here.”

The museum is laid out in three sections.

“We’ll get you through this area here…and you’ll see everything from the birth of the electric guitar all the way through jazz guitars, blue grass guitars, the British invasion…a custom case put together by myself and Vince Gill..which is beautiful.”

The second area is an exhibit of rare instruments that rotates every four months.
You’ll also find plenty about famed entertainer Vince Gill.

Davidson says “Vince is our ambassador and what we’re doing with Vince is that he’s come aboard to kind of..give us uh, his take about what he loves about vintage guitars. Vince is a great collector and a real gentleman.”

The third area is a climate controlled vault. It’ll cost you extra to get back there, but its worth it.
Guitar enthusiast Dave Barber and his wife Kelly came all the way from England to see the museum.

DAVE BARBER from England says “there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. Nothing.”

David Davidson adds “If we don’t teach the youth of America and the world what these beautiful guitars are, one day they’re all going to be firewood. So, we take it as a personal..our personal experience to try and get it out there and get people to understand what these beautiful instruments are about.”

The grand opening for the museum is this weekend, including a street fair on Saturday.

You can get details on the Songbirds Facebook page or here at their website.

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