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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- the Hamilton County school board have some tough decisions ahead of them.

Multiple schools are petitoning for either a new school or new additions and with no one knowing how much money the county will get somebody is expected to be left out.

“Unfortunately from the meeting I took that CSLA was not a priority.”

Many parents from CSLA and other schools attended the board meeting in hopes of getting funding for their school.

There has been an increasing problem of overcrowding in Hamilton County due to the cities growth, but that hasn’t stopped parents and faculty from trying to make their school priority number one.

“From what they said I think they’re more focused on about school where the whole community can attend , but if you open up CSLA and build us a new building we will be able to bring in additional students from other areas to come to our school.”

64, 240,000 is the exact number it would take to replace CSLA, but it looks like for the Hamilton County School Board that might not make that priority list.

Joe Wingate: “If we built a larger school it would provide an opportunity for more students we just can’t guarantee that those students are going to come from the places that going to help us relieve overcrowding. ”

Rhonda Thurman: “I just don’t see anyway that we can do that and in my opinion we cant if we do that we can’t do anything else.”

Going by the numbers, if every school who made requests got what they wanted the school board members expect to spend at least 182,360,000 dollars and that’s just for new construction and additions without even mentioning a multitude of other needs for schools.

Board members are still trying to figure out what they can do to compensate every one, but one thing seems to be agreed upon and that is the priority of neighborhood schools.

Rhonda Thurman:”You know the people at CSLA keep talking about how bad their school is with rat feces and urine and stuff like that. You know they can go back to their zone school if they have to. These other schools, these othe zone schools they have nowhere to go, that is their zone school.”

Joe Wingate: “And we have a tough job, and we have a much tougher job also when we don’t know what we got to work with , so just know we are going to try to do our best.


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