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Tahirah Clark, who is Legal Counsel of Muslim of America says that, ‘today is just a very good day. A good day for the community of Islamberg for America at large.”

65-year-old Robert Doggart of Signal Mountain was found guilty after two days of deliberations and a notice to the judge that the jury in Federal District Court was deadlocked.

Doggard was charged with solicitation to commit arson to a building, facilitating threats to interstate commerce and solicitation to commit a civil rights violation.

About two years ago, officials say Doggart compiled weapons and that he was preparing to use them to terrorize Islamberg.

Clark says she has been following this trial since the beginning.

She says it was tough to sit in and listen to for a week.

‘And to listen to this criminal; this terrorist. You know, speak to others about burning down a village, killing our family — that was very, very difficult.’

She says the jury should be commended on making a brave decision.

Clark says this is a big win for the community, which she says, will continue to maintain its peaceful existence among its neighbors.

When the verdict came back, the response from the group was more of the same – quiet and observant.

‘I really wasn’t looking at him but I did turn at one point and look at him and he was the same that I’ve seen over the past several days; no remorse. Nothing.’

Clark and a colleague say they plan to lobby congress to pass a law to enable domestic terrorism charge, which is a law that doesn’t currently exist.

Doggarts sentencing is scheduled for May 31st.

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