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Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) — Recently, two officers here in the South died in the line of duty.

A Nashville officer drowned last week while trying to help a suicidal woman. Over the weekend, a Georgia deputy died after inhaling liquid nitrogen while rescuing someone.

“Being a first responder is dangerous in itself. Of course when we put the badge on we never know if we are going home to our family and so you have to come to that realization,” says James Bradford with the  Bradley County Sheriff’s Office.

At the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, deputies are taught to expect the unexpected.

Bradford continued, “What we teach our deputies is there is never a call that is routine. You could respond to one call that is maybe low priority and it could escalate.”

These recent incidents in the region highlight the dangers of the job.

“Safety is number one but of course you can’t train for every incident everything that may occur, everything that a deputy could encounter,” Bradford said.

At the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Allen Branum says they make sure deputies are properly trained.

“We try to make sure that our employees and road officers, corrections officers and everybody involved has adequate training, adequate equipment and the best environment that we can provide,” he said.

And sometimes deputies have very little time to control situations.

“Split second decisions are having to be made sometimes based on very little information. So we try to train our deputies to be mindful of every situation and able to do some split second decision making,” the Chief Deputy continued.

And deputies realize the risks of the job.

“When we strap the badge on, we know that we are here to serve the community and one of the oath is to protect and serve no matter what the costs are,” Chief Deputy Allen Branum said.

Today members of local law enforcement, including Bradley County Sheriff’s deputies, attended the funeral of the Metro Nashville Officer who died.

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