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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Hamilton County deputies arrested a man yesterday for child abuse after he choked his daughter over explicit pictures she was posting of herself on social media.

The arrest affidavit states that police responded to a call to a Mapco on the 800 block of N. Hickory Valley Road where they met the victim.

The 14-year-old girl stated that she was at home when she and her mom started arguing about pictures she posted on her Facebook page.

She said her mom, Norma Amason,  started to spank her, and when the she wouldn’t let her mom spank her, her father, Christian Amason got involved.

The report says that the victim stated that when the father got involved is when things went south for her.

The father began striking the child again with an open hand, to the child’s upper and lower body leaving red marks that will cause bruising. She then went on to state Mr. Amason grabbed her with both hands around her throat cutting off the airways, choking her.

After that, she then called her older sister at midnight to come pick her up to go meet police to file a report.

When conducting interviews police say that the parents were angry at their daughter for posting nude pictures of herself on SnapChat.

SnapChat is a mobile social media platform that allows you to share stories, picture and videos, that are going to expire and erased from the platform.

Both parents admitted to spanking the child.

Christian Amason was taken into custody for child abuse; child protective services were notified of assault of a child.


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  • mary

    14 year old posting naked pics I’d bust her ass too

  • tillzen

    Why do they protect minors in cases like this but WDEF prints the address of a 14 year old precocious girl and her family? Guess station and the cops have good lawyers on retainer?

  • Sue

    This is a 14 year old child, it is a job as a parent to discipline your kids (and that means spank them) the problem with kids today is the don’t get their butts busted. The parents let them do and talk anyway they want, instead of taking the time to teach them right from wrong and it is wrong for a 14 year old to post pics of herself and she needs discipline for her actions and I as a parent would do the same if my daughter had done that

  • Danny Beatz

    Okay when she’s pregnant at the age of 16 and is living on welfare, because the government won’t allow parents to discipline their children, don’t complain. Also the daughter behaviors invites child predators easy access to victimize these children. If he did choke her maybe he took it too far, besides we haven’t heard his side of the story. I’m just saying, the daughter wouldn’t let the mother whoop her, so that shows the daughter is very unruly. The parents are only trying to spare their daughter a rough future. Also, why is it okay when a minor post nudes of themselves? That should be enough for cops to understand where the father is coming from.

    • Christopher Isto

      yes, and while it is true that normal parental choking sometimes results in death, that just eases the burden the child would probably cause on other normal child punishing tax payers, including marijuana abuse, inter-racial relationships, and maybe even voting for Democrats.

  • msaxie

    A man who can get so angry that he chokes his daughter has anger problems. That anger, in my opinion, can be a direct link to raising a daughter whose self worth is so low that she would post explicit photos on the internet. Spanking a 14 year old doesn’t work, it will only anger her. Understanding why the child posted the photos is the first step in stopping the behavior.

    • mello Matt

      Sounds like psychobabble to me. Definition: Psychobabble – The science of removing responsibility from offender and assigning it elsewhere. Such as blaming the father for girls poor behavior. Did you march on Washington with Madonna?

  • mello Matt

    Sounds like good parenting to me. Every wonder why kids now destroy their lives with pregnancy, drugs, Irresponsible driving. lack of education…? BAD PARENTING. We are in the second generation of parents who were raised in day care, not by parents. Sad!