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CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) — Now that voters have elected Donald Trump as President, the next big question is what does this all mean for folks who have complained about the loss of manufacturing jobs across the US.

Trump will be expected to keep his campaign promises of making sure the US experiences significant job growth in the manufacturing sector.

News 12 spoke to Tim Spires who is the president and CEO of the Tennessee Association of Manufacturers.

“A lot of the voters that turned out were folks who were very strong in the manufacturing sector. They voted for Donald Trump to be our next president,” Spires said.

According to Spires, there is opportunity for job growth, especially jobs occupied by baby boomers who are on the verge of retiring.

“And those need to be replaced. Growth will still happen, but also the sector has seen a lot of modifications in automation, so the number of people that it take for the jobs are also changing. Manufacturers are looking for people with brains and not their body,” he said.

In other words, while it’s true that many manufacturing jobs have been relocated to other countries, a lot of manufacturing jobs have been lost as a result of automated technology, but even that technology requires skilled workers who can be hands on.

“People who are capable of working with the technology we have today is very important. We are very much involved in trying to help make sure that pipeline is filled,” Spires said.

No one knows what Trump can, or would do to provide more jobs for blue collar and skilled workers, buit what measures he takes to fulfill that campaign promise, experts say it could take years before anyone starts to see any significant growth in jobs in the manufacturing sector.

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