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Mike Collier, Principal at Yates Primary School in Cleveland helped honor this week’s Golden Apple Award winner, Amber Montgomery. “Miss Montgomery every day brings it, brings her best energy, best effort and our kids respond well to her. And we’re excited that she was able to win this award because she is very much deserving of it.”

The nomination form for Miss reads, “Amber Montgomery is a mom. A lover of Jesus, and a educator. Who tries to make things fun for my students.”

“I do have a lot of energy. More fun for me if it’s energetic it’s more fun for the kids and I think they learn more if they are having fun.” says Amber.

Millie Freeman, one of her students says, “I think she is really a good teacher. Because she helps.”

Another student, James Jackson adds, “She has songs that we saying when we sit down at the carpet.”

Amber describes her teaching style, “I try to make things fun. We have songs for everything. Chance for everything rhymes for everything makes it stick in the brain. Well one of my goals, I have it posted above the door, “I want my kids to feel loved and special and appreciated and smart”. It’s not all about the greats that you made. But I want them to do their best no matter what that is. But most importantly is that I believe in them. So I feel like if I can make those connections with my students, then it has been a successful year.”

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