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This weeks Golden Apple Teacher Award, presented by Food City and News 12 Now, goes to Kevin Trobaugh of Heritage High School.

In presenting the award principal Ronnie Bradford offered his compliments about Kevin, “Outstanding advanced placement teacher and honors teacher and the social studies and we’re really privileged to have him here at Heritage.”

“I am married. My wife’s name is Tara. She’s the music teacher at Boynton Elementary School. We have three children.” said Kevin Trobaugh. “Taught here at Heritage. This will be the ninth year I’ve been here since it’s open. I teach because I like kids. I knew as a sophomore in high school I wanted to be a teacher. As an experience I had in chemistry class actually, which is funny because I teach social studies. But I knew after that experience that I wanted to teach kids and I wanted to help.”

His students also praised their teacher. “He’s confusing at times. But I’m learning more about economics than I thought I ever would know,” said Nolan Skiles.

“He’s a wonderful teacher. Every time I leave the class I always know more than when I came in,” adds Michael Young.

Bryce McDaniel said, “Trobaugh always seems to find new ways to allow you to learn new things. And make you understand it.”

Isabelle Hill likes that, “He always has personal stories that make things more relevant to like whatever we’re learning. It’s easier for you to grasp the concept.”

Kevin wraps his his feeling about being nominated by saying, “And I just appreciate the nomination. That the kids think what I am doing is meaningful to them and they value what it is that I’m doing. So I am always honored. I know that they’re all lots and lots of good teachers out there. There are also great teachers out there and I am always honored to be recognize among that group especially when it’s students that are picking those.”

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