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HIXSON, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating allegations of animal cruelty involving a 10-year old boy.

According to the HES Executive Director Bob Citrullo, the investigation into the alleged stabbing began when a puppy terrier ran towards a neighbor’s house covered in blood all over the face. The neighbor called police and police called HES.

It’s unclear how investigators traced the dog back to it’s owners, but according to Citrullo, the dog had been stabbed multiple times in the face and has lost one of its eyes. Investigators are now confirming that a 10-year old boy was responsible for stabbing the animal.

News 12 has obtained multiple photos of the dog with its face covered in blood, but is not posting the photos until further information has been obtained. News 12 has also learned the address of the alleged suspect but will not post the address until more information has been obtained.

By 10 P.M., the dog had been transported to R.I.V.E.R. Animal Hospital where it had to undergo emergency surgery. News 12 has been informed by authorities that the dog will survive but has lost an eye.

It’s unclear if the child has been charged with a crime.

News 12 will have more information as it becomes available.

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  • Sahara0410

    Sick little pos. He needs to be removed from society.

    • ImOpining

      Future serial killer.

  • I know that this is just sad all the way around. It’s sad when it happens to people as well as animals. Comments like, “This kid should be locked up and removed from society” is NOT the solution. This is a 10year old boy people! He made a mistake in judgement. There are grown men and women who do this everyday to OTHER PEOPLE and are let back into society with a “slap on the wrist”. They go to court and plea bargain to an assault charge and get 2 years probation and court ordered classes..etc. What a joke! This boy is a child! There could be a disability issue here, we don’t know. A person who responds with judgement before a case is heard is a fool!

  • ed

    This child’s personality make up will require continual scrutiny. All of our known monsters have originated as childfden , but on the way to adulthood if reached, leave obvious clues as to their level of lunacy.

  • gapeterson

    it would save society a lot of trouble and expense if they do the humane thing and put this kid down now….