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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Residents of Glendale Dr. aren’t too happy, after developers proposed building a brand new Crossroads Market on the corner of Signal Mountain Rd. and Glendale Dr., just across the street from Signal Base.

Developers said the 10,000 sq. ft. market is designed to meet the needs of residents in that area, offering locally grown produce along with name brand products.

“It’s not a store that, you know, you see anywhere else. It’s a combination of a neighborhood market, with some other things,” said Tim Rich, director of property and store development.

But those who live in the area, like local resident Amanda Brown, said it’s something they don’t want, and didn’t ask for, “Traffic has always been somewhat troublesome for this area. It’s a very busy T-intersection, so a development of this size would certainly make our traffic situation even more dangerous.”

The project is scheduled to go before city council during a planning and zoning meeting the first Tuesday of June. For more information on the new project click, here. And for those who would like to help residents take a stand, click here.

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  • jggtn

    It’s very simple. Residents don’t want it; period. If residents don’t want it, they won’t support it. It’s a recipe for economic disaster.

    The optics will not bode well for city counsel members who vote in favor of the project. If a handful of local residents can raise (now) 700+ petition signatures in a matter of a couple of weeks, consider the impact they will have during the election season when they aggressively lobby against those same counsel members in their own districts. It won’t matter how much money the “special interests” throw at their campaigns. (And they’re called “special” for a reason. . .)

    There are plenty of practical reasons why this is the wrong project in the wrong location for the wrong reasons:

    (1) There is not enough residential population in the vicinity of the “proposed” location to financially support the project; especially considering that there is a Food King, a Walmart Superstore, and plenty of gas stations less than a mile away.

    (2) The construction butts against a very small residential neighborhood. Glendale Road intersects with Signal Mountain Road at the center of the first hairpin curve leading to the top of Signal Mountain. There have been at least six (6) major collisions on that segment of the road in the past three years not to mention the innumerable number of drivers who fail to check their speed going into the curve before sliding sideways into the embankment. Now add to the fray a bunch of kids buying beer and elderly folks meandering to or from Alexian, or from the proposed “upscale” apartments on Mountain Creek road and you have yet another disaster just waiting to happen.

    (3) Empty promises of adding a Panera or a Cinnabon to entice interest won’t fly. Does anyone honestly believe that either a Panera or Cinnabon franchise executive would actually license Houchens to build in a location that won’t financially support it? Never going to happen.

    (4) There is 80 feet worth of grade that will have to be excavated out of the side of the mountain to accommodate the proposed site plan. There is already a long standing stormwater runoff issue in that neighborhood that has never been addressed. Does Houchens actually believe that pouring asphalt and concrete over the four (4) parcels is going to do anything other than exacerbate an already bad situation? And how do they intend, exactly, to cost effectively install a retention system that will prevent a mudslide or retaining wall collapse? Let me direct your attention to the 25 foot high wall that extends across the back of the Northshore Publix parking lot on Market Street that recently collapsed due to rain. It’s a wonder it didn’t pull the street above down with it.

    (5) Speaking of excavation, what kind of seismic studies does Houchen’s plan to conduct? Will there be any anthropologic or archeological studies to determine the locations and presence of any former native american indian encampments and/or burial locations on the raw land parcels? What kinds of underground springs will excavation reveal? What kind of pollution controls are planned that will ensure that their underground fuel tanks do not seep gasoline into the ground water and carried to the river?

    What this whole project amounts to is spot zoning to accommodate a predatory convenience store chain that want to snipe business from the nearby markets, especially the ones on top of Signal Mountain. Whatever new jobs they claim they will create will be lost when Pruetts, the Xpresso Mart, or any number of other small operators fail.

    In short, the Houchen’s “Crossroads” Junior Food Store project brings no real value to the table other than some marginally increased tax revenues for the City. There is nothing special about their product, there is no added value to the community, and the neighborhood would be better served through a master plan that would gentrify the area rather than further degrade it.

  • I love Chattanooga

    I agree with the comments below! We simply don’t want commercial large commercial development creeping up the mountain in a dangerous location. This kind of development is more appropriate for the part of Signal Mountain Road that is 7-lanes. Chattanooga needs to be smart and responsible with commercial development in this beautiful city!