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CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – UTC Students have started a petition to have a recall election for the President-Elect Stubblefield and Vice President-Elect Long due to their violations of the SGA code of Conduct and 1st amendment rights.

An email that was sent to the entire student body Friday has already received almost 650 signatures in support of the recall.

The email, which was sent by Tucker McClendon, UTC Chairman of Students for Rubio, and Katie Marie Fresolone of Students Action For Equality states that “the leadership and actions demonstrated by President-elect Phillip Stubblefield and Vice President-elect Mikayla Long are contradictory to the values of our university, our student body, and our country.”

“EMPOWER UTC has shown a marginalization of all voices and a severe lack of leadership, breaking both the SGA Code of Conduct and the trust of their constituency. As such, they must be held accountable.”

The email explicitly states that the recall election would not be a petition for Hailey Puckett, a member of “EMPOWER UTC” that was asked to resign after she posted photos on Twitter or pro-Trump chalk drawings.

“This is NOT a recall petition for Hailey Puckett,” the email reads, “but for the newly elected President and Vice President who have asked her to resign following her chalking artwork showing support for Donald J. Trump on the UTC campus.

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  • timmcguire

    Good. Taking away someone else’s first amendment rights should have consequences.

  • Wow. The Kids are Alright.

  • Michael Lang

    The liberal fascists should have their red arses kicked.

  • Robert

    Each generation views succeeding generations with trepidation. The question is ever will they fight for the Constitution? From UTC comes YES! Brave on.

  • Chris Prestridge

    Young men and women like this restore my faith in my country. It goes without saying though, that this push back is coming south of the mason-Dixon, also part of the flyover states. I doubt anything like this will ever take place in the self described enlightened blue states/ cities. To the punk student leaders up for recall, welcome to the real world!