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Years of hard work and study paid off for nine football players at Ooltewah high school this afternoon.
Wednesday marked national signing day, and the young athletes announced their future college plans.
It was also an opportunity for students, parents, teachers and staff to talk about the successful year at Ooltewah high school.

It’s a parent’s proudest school moment—recognition of a job well done by young athletes who studied, worked hard, and are now enjoying the fruits of all that. Nine football players declared their colleges as they look toward he future.

ROBBIE GARREN, WILL ATTEND BETHEL UNIVERSITY “Its a proud moment for Ooltewah, we’ve had some bad times in the past ..so this is one of the stars we’re showing that good kids can do good stuff here. Not all kids are bad here.”

MIKE THORNBURG, FATHER OF NOAH, OOLTEWAH BOOSTER CLUB “Its great, considering what’s happened in the past …you know, one little drk spot shouldn’t ruin a lot of good things going on at this school.”

There was a ceremonial side of the announcements…as each player sat down and signed forms with parents and supporters standing nearby.

PRINCIPAL JIM JARVIS “I know you will continue to be good representatives of Ooltewah High school so congratulations.”

COACH MAC BRYAN, HEAD FOOTBALL COACH “They’re very good students ..leaders in the school, very good academic young men…great character people in the building.”

That team, by the way won 30 games, and three straight regional district championships.

JAMEY ELROD, LONDON’S MOM “This is a great day for Ooltewah. We’re so happy to be part of the program, the coaches, teachers, faculty ..its an amazing place.”

London Elrod was the team’s quarterback…he’s headed for Berry college in Rome, Georgia.

BRIAN ELROD , LONDON’S DAD “Its a day to celebrate all the positive things that are going on at Ooltewah high school. Our experience at Ooltewah high school has been amazing teachers, amazing faculty and great coaches, its a celebration for them.”

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